About Carolyne
Favorite Destinations :: Wales to breathe ( I’m Welsh) London it’s home , New York, it’s my second home , New Orleans for its magic, music and architecture , France for its countryside and style, Berlin for the street art and creativity, Miami the sun, Soho Beach House, the music n parties! South Africa for its wildlife ( minus snakes n spiders ) n stunning natural beauty, Marrakesh for the spice n barter.. Could go on and on … I love our world, it’s ace.



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Favourite Destinations: Wales, for my best friends and to breathe (I’m Welsh); London – it’s home; New York – it’s my second home; New Orleans for its magic, music and mood; France for its countryside and chic; Berlin for the street-art, rebellious spirit and creativity; Miami for the sun, ‘Soho Beach House’, the music ‘n’ parties; South Africa for its wildlife (minus snakes ‘n’ spiders) ‘n’ stunning natural beauty; Marrakesh for the spice ‘n’ barter.. I could go on and on! …I love our world. It’s ace!
Favourite colour : White ( I know it’s not a colour ) and second any shade of blue!
Secret Weapon : meditation, humour and my intuition.


Passion : music stars n words ::writing – it makes me so happy oh and music I spend hours creating playlists and scouring for new tunes .. Find me on Spotify under astrowarrior


Little Bit About Me

Favourite person: Kam, my son. He’s so cool, creative and kind but has point-blank refused to do anything he doesn’t want to since the age of seven: I have come to admire that.

Favourite Films: ‘Chitty Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, ‘Amelie’, ‘The Usual Suspects’, ‘Fight Club’, ‘Four Lions’, ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Paul’ (the little alien). Mmmm …too many to mention really, I do love them all but would prefer to be writing them if I’m honest. That’s where I’m at.